mesa modelable 1

año 2007

Diseñador: Juan Fernando Hidalgo Cordero
Descripción: El tablero puede modelarse para adaptarse a los objetos que se coloquen sobre la mesa. Vuelve a su posición original empujando los tallos desde la parte baja.
La mesa principal contiene los tallos de totora y la mesa baja funciona como tope
materiales: madera y totora
dimensiones: A 45 L 80 H 40  cm.
 totora bench                    
yy 2007
a piece of nature  at home.
a soft surface built using the TFS system
the surface is made of thousands of reed's stems that accomodates to the
body shape and then returns to its original position.
wood, reed, TFS system  VIDEO
W 80  L 180  H 40  cm.

 totora puff                    
yy  2008
any space could become even more interesting.
this small and symmetrical piece can be easily placed anywhere
it is a portable nature's piece.
wood, reed, TFS system VIDEO
W 43  L 43  H 45  cm.

 totora cube                    
yy  2008
practical beauty.
the cube can be a table,a chair, a hard surface.
the vertical reeds create a hard surface at the top.
metal, reed
H 40  L 40  W 40  cm.



 totoluga puff                    
yy  2009
shared design: Gigi Molina & Juan Fernando Hidalgo Cordero
using the TFS and an organic-shaped frame the totoluga puff is a high design 
object and extremely comfortable.
the  arrangement possibilities are unlimited.
wood, reed, TFS system VIDEO
W 60  L 75  H 45  cm.

 totora rocking chair                    
 yy  2010
relax and play
it can be placed directly on the ground.
the completely rounded reed texture confers a perfect softness sensation
wood, reed textile.
W 80  L 120  H 80  cm.

 totora flexible lounger                    
yy  2011
an experimentation object
the lounger is basically a reed textile tube than can be modified in order to get different shapes and functions.
wood, reed textile, cushion
W 50  L 200  H 50  cm.





 totora inflatable tube                    
yy  2011
up in the air
an inflatable seat.
rubber, reed textile.
W 100  L 100  H 40  cm.

 totora circles carpet                    
yy  2011
barefoot experience
you will be tempted to feel the reed's texture
reed textile
W 180  L 120  cm.

 totora bags     40           
yy  2011
design object
book, computer-shaped objects bag.
reed textile, leather.
W 30  H 40  cm.

 totora lamps                    
yy  2011  
the totora textile filters the light.
reed textile, wood
W 35  L 35  H 160  cm.

totora pillow              
yy 2012  
it is like having a grass field on a pillow
reed textile
W 40  L 40  H 160 cm.


totora 300 lamp 
yy 2013

the fiber transparency

W18 L18 H300

malleable table 2
yy 2013

model it as you wish, use the lever to push the reed up.

W40 L40 H40


yy 2013

the perfect spa slippers. the grass feeling under your feet